Balanced Equestrian Series offers more than specialized training techniques

It is interesting the things we never think about, but seem quiet obvious when they are pointed out to us. During the first Balanced Equestrian Series Clinic, Equestrian Power, LLC, CEO, Cerice Berndsen, stated that the differences in male and female anatomy are rarely considered in primarily male-focused training techniques.

Understanding rider biomechanics was one of three topics about supporting ourselves and our horses as athletes presented in the first Balanced Equestrian Series clinic sponsored by Equestrian Power. If you didn't make the August 18 clinic, I encourage everyone to watch the calendar and join us for upcoming events.

In an effort to bring high quality equestrian training to all horse lovers, Equestrian Power is working to address training gaps often caused by today's specialized training techniques. Equestrian Power CEO, Catherine Respess acknowledges that much of today's riding has become so specialized, we are losing the essential knowledge required to create a whole, balanced complete horse and rider team.

By combining the knowledge of experts in different areas such as equine acupressure, saddle fitting, rider biomechanics and energy based riding, the Balanced Equestrian Series is offering a more comprehensive approach to horsemanship.

Of this more comprehensive approach includes a properly fitting saddle said Katharine Stancliff, of Stancliff Saddle Fitting during the August 18 clinic. Katharine gave a highly informative talk about how saddle fitting not only helps the horse feel better, but supports the rider in feeling more balanced and more secure.

Following the discussion on saddle fitting, Nicole Watts of Equizen Horse Therapies, explained how using massage and acupressure are excellent tools for relieving our horses' muscle tension and soreness and supporting their internal organs. Following Nicole's presentation and a delicious lunch (that included of course chocolate!) Cerice Berndsen gave a presentation on rider biomechanics. Working with Suanne Then and Esther Crain, Cerice showed them ways to lighten and improve their balance and posting which better supported their horses' rhythm and movement.

Though the approximately 40 auditors who attended the clinic may have come for the great door prizes donated by the many sponsors, they stayed for the in depth information. People from the local area and as far away as Rutherfordton and even Georgia, listened avidly, taking notes and asking questions throughout the day.

One of the special things about the Balanced Equestrian Series is how they support great local non-profits. The August clinic donations go to help Puddin' Pie's Place at Hulinn Dalur Farm that provides a safe sanctuary for a small number of horses and donkeys who have suffered abuse or neglect.

The next Balanced Equestrian Series Clinic will be October 13 at Cedar Crest Farm in Hiram, Ga. Cerice Berndsen will present a demonstration about Flow State for Equestrians; Finding Focus & Building Connection With Your Horse, Nicole Watts will talk about Therapeutic Bodywork and Catherine Hunter, of Sacred Connections Horsemanship, will introduce Energy Based Riding.

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