We’ve all heard of Horsepower. Our focus is on the fortitude that we gain from being horsewomen and men - Equestrian Power.


Our approach is four-dimensional with a focus on Mind, Breath, Body, and Passion as key elements necessary to improve and grow as a rider. Our content reaches beyond the borders of equestrian sport to bring the tools and techniques of health and wellness experts and top performing athletes to our community.

It is our intention to inspire the horse world to bring a healthy mind and body to their role as equestrians and recognize that by doing so, they have the power to be the type of rider, horse owner, and person that they admire most.

Healthy Lifestyles
The long-term goals of Equestrian Power:

  • Digital education

    • Hosting online content and courses from health and wellness professionals that possess a deep understanding of equestrian sport and the benefit of their work to the everyday equestrian.

    • Podcast:

      • Interviews of professional equestrians who understand the value of treating themselves as athletes and how that improves their partnerships with the horses they ride

      • Interviews of wellness experts who participate in equestrian sport and what they would love to share with the community

      • Discussions on relevant topics with Equestrian Power team including personal experiences, product reviews, and relevant news

  • Products

    • Journal focused on Goal Setting, Self Care Practices, Restoration and Challenge. Based on the principals of Hedonic Calendaring. Scheduled to be available at the end of October 2019

    • Affiliate relationships with high impact brands that will directly improve the well being of our community

  • Live Educational Events 

    • Promoting a healthy equestrian lifestyle

      • Clinics and workshops at farms

      • Lectures at trade shows

      • Immersive retreats

  • Research

    • Quantifying the effects of health and wellness practices on the performance relationship between horse and rider.