Meet  the Team

We are devoted to equines and helping their equestrian partners.
Cerice Berndsen

Founder and CEO 

Coach | Trainer | Program Development

Cerice Berndsen is a second generation horsewoman, passionate about supporting horses and horse lovers alike. Throughout her lifetime with horses, she has developed experience across a wide variety of disciplines from Dressage and Jumping, to Western Riding and Driving. Along with a comprehensive skill set stemming from a commitment to stewardship of the horse, Cerice has a professional’s perspective of the horse industry and a drive to support a healthy environment for all who participate in equestrian sport.


Throughout her career with horses, Cerice has cultivated a passion for educating fellow horse lovers through:

  • Public Speaking and Demonstrations

  • Organizing educational events and clinics

  • Authoring educational articles and blog posts

  • Developing training and care videos

  • One on one teaching

  • Training demonstrations

In her early twenties, Cerice's began to experience health challenges that threatened to end her ability to work with horses. When faced with that possibility, she committed to finding a way to heal. Her path included studying wellness and becoming a certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and overhauling her lifestyle and approach towards self-care as an equestrian.


Cerice's journey towards wellness coincided with an introduction to and subsequent passion for horse and rider biomechanics as a way to help improve partnerships of all disciplines. She is a student of rider biomechanics under Mary Wanless and pursuing accreditation through Ride With Your Mind


Cerice’s passion for horses and triumph over debilitating health issues led her to the creation of Equestrian Power.

Catherine Respess

Trainer | Designer | Coordinator

Catherine brings both her passion and her equine expertise to Equestrian Power, LLC. Her commitment to horses, from age 3, shaped her work ethic, professionalism, and easy going manner. These qualities paired with Catherine's ability to clearly communicate with horses as well as clients sets her apart. 


With ten years as the CEO of the graphic design firm Red Mare Enterprises, LLC, more than two decades competing in dressage, and experience coaching in many disciplines, 

Catherine combines her enthusiasm for design and education with her desire to help all horses and riders.


As an equine trainer, rider, bodyworker, barefoot trimmer, yoga enthusiast, lifelong student, and as the creator of The Equestrian Journal, Catherine guides equestrians:


  • to increase their awareness

  • cultivate good habits

  • reveal patterns 

  • develop powerful insights

  • improve working memory

  • reduce intrusive mental blocks

  • connect your horse's team

  • customize your horse's program​​

Alexandra Grant, MS

Director | Researcher | Editor

Alexandra Grant, entrepreneur and equestrian advocate, is one of the founding partners of Equestrian Power. Grant, grew up around horses, frequenting local barns where she was exposed to a multitude of training programs from eventing, to natural horsemanship, classical dressage, and more.

As a young rider, she was inspired by the professional equestrians that exhibited discipline, communication, and commitment in their partnerships with horses. Observing the effects of holistic training in both horses and their human counterparts sparked her curiosity, and an untapped passion to seek a deeper understanding of the human body and its’ potential.
Alexandra went on to receive her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University in 2016 and her Master’s of Science in Physical Activity and Health from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in May 2018. She is an active educator within
EquestrianPower, and plans to leverage her degrees, coupled with her hands-on experiences within the equestrian world, to bring confidence and wellbeing to fellow horse lovers.